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Health, fitness & wellness coaching in Burgess Hill



I'm a fitness, health, and wellness coach with nearly 30 years of experience. I'm based in Burgess Hill but serve the whole Mid Sussex area.

I was recently awarded a post-graduate Diploma for Public Health after 2 years of study at Brighton and Sussex medical school.  


I bring this knowledge and experience to all my personal training, yoga, pilates & workplace wellness sessions.


Personal Trainer Stretching Session
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I had been having problems with my lower back and my neck and shoulders for several years and had seen various physicians – osteopaths, physios etc.  By the beginning of this year I was seeing a physiotherapist every week but one week when my aches and pains were particularly bad I asked if he thought I would have the aches forever and he said probably and that it was down to wear and tear.  I felt totally wretched and then decided that I wasn’t going to accept that.  I decided that seeing a physio was more about treating the symptoms each week and not the cause and so I decided that I would try and find a personal trainer to see if they might be able to help me with some exercises that would help with my aches and pains.  I had been doing pilates classes for a few years and so wanted to find a personal trainer who also had an understanding of pilates/yoga based exercises.

I found Sara online and liked her website and the testimonials that I read. I contacted Sara by email and she replied the same day and we also had a chat on the phone.  Sara has been amazing – she is extremely sympathetic and really wants to help with the issues that you have.  She is extremely professional and knowledgeable and does a lot of research to make sure that she is setting exercises to help with the particular problem.  I have been attending regular one to one classes with Sara for nearly a year, which I thoroughly enjoy and can honestly say that, although I do still have an occasional flare up, my back has been so much better.  Sara gives me a workout sheet with exercises on it to do in between our lessons which I love doing.  Sara is such a friendly, lovely lady and very generous with her time – I’m so pleased that I found her.  She has given me so many different exercises to help with my back, next and shoulders and given me a lot of hope as opposed to the despair I felt at the beginning of the year.  I thoroughly recommend Sara.

Cindy G


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